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Saturday, 22 August 2015 20:21

Oisin Bio Energy GDV Health Scan

GDV Health Scan - Oisin Healing Centre in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland

Research has shown that every physical organ and every function of the mind-body system has its precise effect in the bio-energy field (or aura), which can be recorded and displayed on computer screen using this device and its unique process of "finger imaging."

During this very simple test you simply place your fingers on the glass of the GDV camera. Your energetic field, showing all systems and related organs will be shown on the computer screen to be processed and analysed by our professional staff. You will receive all results on the day of the scan. All information including charts and read-outs are shared with the client, together with advice and guidance for an action plan to help maintain better health.

It will cover the interpretation of the energetic analysis of finger imaging, which shows the Cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, skeletal system, urogenital system, and respiratory system, and related organs. It  shows the energetic functioning of the body currently and will also indicate an "early warning" assessment based on the emotional body imaging as well. It may be best carried out in the mornings as you would need to be fasting from the night before or a minimum of 3 hours before the test.

To understand what the GDV Camera is, let us explain first that matter and energy are interchangeable and that the physical body is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. These concepts are accepted scientifically and have been verified by physics.

Analyzing the energy field around the fingers can help determine the malfunctions in the body, long before physical symptoms become evident.

It is believed that disease patterns originate first in our energy field and so Illness can appear in this energy field weeks or even months before it appears in the physical body, and this "early warning" GDV health scan can show where there may be weaknesses or stresses likely to cause dysfunctions in the physical body.

Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine have also described the direct influence of thoughts and emotions in different body systems and how a prevalent thought can, overtime, cause an imbalance in the body. These imbalances can be shown in the physio-emotional images captured by this scanning method
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GDV Camera Bioenergy Health Analysis
To understand what the GDV Camera is, let us explain first that matter and energy are interchangeable and that the physical body is energy vibrating  at a certain frequency. These concepts have been verified by physics. Albert Einstein showed that energy and matter were different faces of the same thing, their relationship was described by one of the most famous equations in physics: energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, E=mc2

All matter is vibrating energy and it creates an energy field. Everything  (humans, animals, plants, rocks, objects and every cell in our body) has its own electromagnetic field. The GDV Bioelectrography camera captures  these energy fields around objects.  system or organ of the body, which can be highly stressed or too low leading to dysfunction.

How the GDV Camera Works
When you place your fingertips on the surface of the lens, a pulse is created which causes a disturbance in an electromagnetic field. (This disturbance can be compared to placing your finger on the surface of a still bowl of water.

You can then notice how the water surface becomes disturbed). Each finger image has a section which correlates with individual organs and systems. Each image glow will show the electron discharge as strong outbursts “spikes” or “gaps.” The ‘spikes’ suggest increased or excessive biochemical activity, or stress in a particular organ or system, creating overload, the “’gaps” suggest a weakness, deficiency, or slowing down of biochemical activity which untreated could lead to dysfunction or illness.

The complete bioenergy health scan process will take approximately 2 hours, which will include the compiling of past medical history, main health concerns, and advice on an improving health and well-being.  There would be two people involved in the analysis, with a consultation before and afterwards.

  • The client needs to be fasting for at least 3 hours before the scan
  • The Oisin Bioenergy Scan costs €150

GDV Health Scan can give you a good understanding of your overall health and fitness.

How long does the complete health scan take?
The Oisin Bioenergy health scan assessment takes approximately 2 hours.

What is a Oisin Bioenergy health scan checkup analysis?
A Bioenergy Health Scan uses the latest Energetic Analysis Technology using GDV/EPC camera.

How many people are involved?
Assistance of two highly qualified BIOENERGY / GDV interpretation therapists.

What is actually involved during the health scan?
Simply complete a brief medical history consultation form listing your main health concern.
The Bioenergy health scan camera the “captures” 10 + 10 finger imaging images, using GDV Camera.
You have an  opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have regarding your health.
Consultation and personalized health report with read-outs provided on the day.
A practical action plan with advice to help minimize future health risks.

What information will you receive?
A health assessment can give you an overview of your current health. It can help to identify any future health risks and offer you practical ways to get healthier and fitter.

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Important: This is not a medical diagnosis. It is an assessment of the bioenergetics state of a person at physical and mental and emotional levels which reveal a complex interaction of internal and externat factors. The GDV test results have been scientifically proven to be a reliable indicator of the condition of major body systems and are already used in some settings as a diagnostic tool.


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Recent Testimonial

  • Thomas L. Wexford Town, Ireland
    Thank you John & Patricia. I am so pleased I took the GDV health scan. It provided the information which has allowed me to get my health back on track. I knew something was wrong for a long time but had tried everything to get some answers. The scan gave me the information on my health I required with so much detail. Coupled with the advice from you and Patricia which I have taken on board I now feel so full of energy and vitality, there’s no going back now. Thank you again. T.

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