Receive a Diploma

Receive a Diploma in Bio Energy Healing Therapy

This energy healing method is simple and easy to learn. You can learn these healing techniques for use in your home, to help family and friends or as a career so you can work as a professional therapist with your own practice.  The energy healing training course includes 90 easy to follow video lectures over 11 hours of on-demand practical video demonstrations. 6 downloadable bonus audio CDs (MP3’s) plus the best selling e-book “Be Your Own Therapist”.


Feeling Stressed? Feeling constantly tired? Headaches, Migraine, Ear problems, Sinusitis, Thyroid problems, Heart, Liver, Lungs, Pancreas problems, Back problems, Injuries, Sprains, Constipation, Diarrhea, Gangrene, Tumors?

  • Learn techniques which may help the immune system.
  • Learn techniques to work with specific injuries, disease and illnesses.
  • Learn muscle relaxation techniques, which may help re-align the bone structure.
  • Learn to use Bio-Energy healing in your home and for self-healing.
  • Bio-Energy Therapy applies a combination of techniques which may help to balance the client’s energy field allowing the body to begin its own natural self-healing process.
  • Bio-Energy Therapy is a simple, non-invasive, unique and pain free healing modality.
  • When our energy is balanced, flowing freely and in synchronicity – we are healthy however illness, sickness or disease can quickly set in when cells, organs and systems are operating out of sync and out of balance.
  • Think “Orchestra”; If one violin starts playing out of tune, next the string section will begin to play out of tune and very soon the entire orchestra is playing out of tune. Our bodies work in a very similar manner. Bio-Energy Therapy also incorporates specific positional energy flow techniques for the back, limbs and spine. These include peripheral flows, cross flows, diagonal flows, and spinal flows which endeavours to relax and release muscular tension especially in the back area, where nerves exit the spine  supplying different organs, limbs etc, may become restricted due to compression in specific areas.  By releasing muscular tension in the back area, and the releasing of possible trapped nerves it can allow organs being supplied by these nerves to relax, assisting the body's own natural healing ability.

No previous experience required – Anyone can learn these simple, techniques.

  • Book now on this energy healing online training course.
  • Awaken the healing power in your hands.
  • Learn these ancient techniques for a modern time
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  • Learn to heal yourself – and help others to heal.
  • Start your healing journey today!




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  • Gayle – Nice, France
    I have a busy household, a husband and 4 children aged 14 – 20 years. I also look after my elderly parents who live next-door. I have a full-time job as a receptionist in a large hotel. I started to get headaches in the evenings and lower back pain. I had all of these checked for any medical causes. All the tests were clear, but the pains got worse. I spent most of the night twisting and turning and worrying about how I would get through the next day at work. I dreaded the weekends as there didn’t appear to…

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