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Gayle – Nice, France

I have a busy household, a husband and 4 children aged 14 – 20 years. I also look after my elderly parents who live next-door. I have a full-time job as a receptionist in a large hotel. I started to get headaches in the evenings and lower back pain. I had all of these checked for any medical causes. All the tests were clear, but the pains got worse. I spent most of the night twisting and turning and worrying about how I would get through the next day at work. I dreaded the weekends as there didn’t appear to be any ‘me’ time between taking care of all the other family members. A friend of mine loaned me a book called ‘Be Your Own Therapist”. I randomly picked out some stories as the book suggested doing. I was horrified to find out that I was in every story. I rang my friend and told her that this is an awful book. It looks like someone is out to get at me. My friend said she was in every story also. When I read more I began to see that this was an astonishing uplifting and empowering book. My friend explained that the book is part of an online course on self-healing. I immediately enrolled and completed the course over the following few weeks. I have never looked back. The course had sections on simple self healing energy techniques which I immediately started to apply and after which my whole body seemed to come alive the more I applied these methods. There were bio-energy techniques to help relax my back muscles. One of the most important lessons I learned was how to say the magic word ‘NO’. This was the moment when I realised that I needed to take better care of ‘ME’. There were sections on dowsing which I had never heard about before, in which I learned how to self dowse and found out that certain foods may have been contributing to my headaches. Sure enough when I eliminated certain foods from my diet my headaches practically ceased. The story that I had picked from the book over and over again was a story on ‘ENABLING’. I realised I was a champion enabler, but I am not any more thanks to the brilliant course on self-healing.

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  • Veronica F. Limerick, Ireland
    Your Oisin bioenergy training course was just amazing! All the facilitators were so sharing with appropriate information throughout the weekend. I have learned so much. I know I am on the right path now. Thank you so much

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