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Eleanor – Coventry, England

My greatest wish in life was to be a vet. But my wish never came true because my capabilities and education did not come up to the required standards. I worked a lot in dog rescue homes but I spent most of my time crying because some of the animals that we rescued were so fearful and neglected. All we could do was feed them and show them some love. Some of them were so fearful if you even coughed they would cower down and run away. I wanted to bring them all home with me, which wasn’t very practical to say the least. My parents used to say; ‘Every time Eleanor appears there is a stray dog somewhere nearby”. One day I brought one of these stray dogs called Sammy home with me when he was fit and healthy enough. He was terrified if the door banged shut or if anyone shouted. A friend told me about hearing of animal bio-energy healing online. The course was a reasonable price so I just had to try it. I completed the online training and learned so much about animal energy healing in general. I also learned about the animal’s emotional body and chakras. After studying the dowsing and divination section of the course I learned how to dowse the animals’ chakras to find out which chakra I should work on relating to the dog’s fears. I applied the bio-energy techniques every third day for 2 weeks. Sammy’s whole being changed from day to day. He became friendly, less fearful and more assertive. I have found a premises and I hope to start my own clinic in animal bio-energy therapy shortly. This is like a dream come true. Thank you all so very much for your help and back-up service.

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  • H. Donnelly, Donegal, Ireland
    That Bioenergy Course was nothing short of fabulous. Everybody sharing, learning, interacting. It was so practical and simple to learn all the techniques. Since I qualified and received my Diploma in Oisin Bioenergy Healing I have set up my own practice and I must say it is flying. I now have lots of satisfied clients and I have been applying your protocols and applications with great success.. My thanks to John & Patricia and all your staff once again.

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