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Douglas – Ayr, Scotland

I had been feeling tired and lethargic for months especially since we moved house. I put it all down to stress. Someone suggested that I could be affected by geopathic stress. I never heard of this before. They said they learned about it as part of a bio energy training course. I tried to get my house tested for geopathic stress, but it seemed very expensive so I decided to do the bio energy course myself. I searched online and found this course. Not alone did I learn about bio energy healing techniques that I could apply and use for my family and myself, but I also learned how to dowse. I learned how to dowse for food sensitivities using pendulums. I also learned how to ask questions using my own body like a pendulum which is called self dowsing. Using this self dowsing I was able to test my own body for foods I might be sensitive to. The great thing was that dowsing could also be used to check for geopathic stress, and so I proceeded to check my house and my land for this geopathic stress I had heard about. I discovered there was a deep well underneath the floor of the room I was sleeping in. To say I was delighted was an understatement. I had believed I was seriously ill and this had been playing on my mind, but when I discovered the well underneath the room where I slept, I knew I had found the reason for some of my ill-health issues. I have now taken steps to deal with and resolve this problem. My energy levels have improved, and I am feeling healthy again. What a relief! Thanks to my friends recommendations about bio energy.

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  • Veronica F. Limerick, Ireland
    Your Oisin bioenergy training course was just amazing! All the facilitators were so sharing with appropriate information throughout the weekend. I have learned so much. I know I am on the right path now. Thank you so much

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