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Diarmuid – Arklow, Ireland

Having travelled extensively all my life, I decided to settle down in one place for my retirement. I am now in my late sixties. My interests are mostly music and travel. I found being able to play music was a great social attribute. Over the past few years arthritis has set in, in my joints which are painful and swollen at times. I began to feel despondent of ever having a social life again. Out of the blue I was invited to a gathering where sound therapy was being demonstrated in a workshop. I was amazed at the reaction in my joints and limbs and my whole body to the vibrations and frequencies of the sound healing instruments. I knew immediately that this course was for me. I enrolled in the sound healing course straight away. The course also included divining and dowsing which was also an area I had an interest in. I learned how to dowse to find out what foods if any could be contributing to my arthritic pains. I found very high acidic foods made my joint pains worse. With this knowledge I changed the foods I was eating and started a new healthier regime. I bought my own sound healing Tibettan singing bowl for self healing. I have started a small sound healing group for like-minded people and hope I will use this fantastic training as a profession in the near future.

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  • David J. Carlow, Ireland
    Just a line to let you know that your bioenergy therapy has worked wonders for my lower back. I have had no pain for months now since the last session. I was sceptical at first how energy therapy could possibly help a physical problem which I had for years, but the “proof is in the pudding” as they say and thankfully I am now pain-free.

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