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C. Cantwell, Spain

I have never experienced a course so comprehensive and complete as your bioenergy course. Everything I needed to learn was presented with such enthusiasm and professionalism. All three levels were a joy from start to end.

B Mangan. Newry. N Ireland

Thank you John and Patricia for your enthusiastic and clear approach to teaching your wonderful Oisin Bioenergy Course. I learned so much more than I ever thought possible from one course. You didn’t hold back. Thank you for your sharing, Love and Joy

Sheila F. Galway Ireland

I can only say one thing – utterly amazing. I thought I understood about energy healing, until you guys started to present your bioenergy healing course. You wee thorough and dedicated, and I really admired how you had time to answer everybody’s questions with clear concise and knowledgable answers.

H. Donnelly, Donegal, Ireland

That Bioenergy Course was nothing short of fabulous. Everybody sharing, learning, interacting. It was so practical and simple to learn all the techniques. Since I qualified and received my Diploma in Oisin Bioenergy Healing I have set up my own practice and I must say it is flying. I now have lots of satisfied clients and I have been applying your protocols and applications with great success.. My thanks to John & Patricia and all your staff once again.

Veronica F. Limerick, Ireland

Your Oisin bioenergy training course was just amazing!  All the facilitators were so sharing with appropriate information throughout the weekend. I have learned so much. I know I am on the right path now. Thank you so much

Kevin M

I was so pleased to have completed the Oisin Healing Course with you. You presented your course with such motivation and deliberation. No egos, no patronizing, just sheer professionalism, Thank you so much.

Cecilia M. Cork.

To all the facilitators Oisin Bioenergy Course, a big thank you for a wonderful training course. I learned so much, all of which I am already putting to good use in my new practice here in Cork. I thought I was doing the right thing by doing your course now I’m sure it was the correct choice. Bless you all for your kindness and your sharing

C. Moran. Navan, Ireland

Since attending your Oisin Healing Clinic, I want to let you know that life is good for me right now. No more anxiety. No more depression or stress. You have helped me so much to get back on track and start enjoying life day by day. I have spread your name to so many people. Keep up the good work.

David J. Carlow, Ireland

Just a line to let you know that your bioenergy therapy has worked wonders for my lower back. I have had no pain for months now since the last session. I was sceptical at first how energy therapy could possibly help a physical problem which I had for years, but the “proof is in the pudding” as they say and thankfully I am now pain-free.

B. Carmichael. Birmingham UK

Your training course was fantastic, I am telling everyone about it. All the facilitators were so helpful. The times went so fast on each level, and I have to say I couldn’t wait between course for the next level to come. I have taken so much from this course which I now intend to apply to my new practice.

Y. Delamare, Sweden

What a wonderful Bioenergy Healing Training Course. By far the best training course I have ever completed. And the other trainees that attended were so nice. I have learned so much over the three weekends not just about helping to heal others but also how the information you shared has helped me personally in my life. The course was transformational for me and I am on a new personal journey now

Barbara D. Bremen, Germany

Your Bioenergy Healing course was just amazing. You shared so much more than I was expecting. I really learned a lot from your section on self healing and self empowerment and have been using these techniques every day with great success. Can’t  thank you enough.

John G. Galway, Ireland

I am so pleased to have completed your Bioenergy Training Course. John and Patricia and your team gave everything you could possibly give during each weekend. I learned so much and have gained far more than I ever expected from one training course. It was so complete in itself. I understand what you meant by “It’s a standalone therapy” I have now set up my own clinic and have many new clients

S. Jennings. Dundalk, Ireland

Hi John and Patricia, and all at The Oisin Centre, a word of thanks for all your help with my health concern. The health scan helped to identify the problem areas in my body, and with your advice and the information I received, plus a change in many areas of my life, I now feel better than I have been for years. Each day is good now – no pains no anxiety. Best regards and thank you.

B. Hardiwell. Belfast ,N Ireland

Hi Patricia and John, just to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. So well organised and detailed. I really enjoyed it. I have been telling my friends all about it. Again many thanks

Dorothy W. Dundalk

A big thank you John and Patricia for a great course. I learned so much about myself  and what I am capable of. I had never done anything like this before, and its hard to believe that I am setting up my own Bioenergy Healing Clinic as we speak.

K. Farrelly

The best course I have ever been on, and I mean it sincerely. I have done other courses, but this one was so streamlined, professional and well executed. Each facilitator shared their knowledge so eagerly and passionately. Furthermore I enjoyed every minute of it. The time seemed to go so fast. I’ve got my diploma now so I’m setting up my business as soon as I can.

Annette S. Clare, Ireland

Hi John and Patricia. I would like to thank you both for a wonderful weekend. I found your bioenergy course very informative and enjoyable. I am very excited about completing all three levels. My compliments to you both on your wonderful course, so much information, well presented, and on sharing so much with us. Thank you

A. Friedman, Dublin, Ireland

A big thank you to John & Patricia and all your facilitators for the best course I have ever experienced me and I am speaking from experience having done many courses. You shared so much knowledge and most importantly – NO EGOS. Your humility, sharing, knowledge and friendliness really impressed me.

Thomas L. Wexford Town, Ireland

Thank you John & Patricia. I am so pleased I took the GDV health scan. It provided the information which has allowed me to get my health back on track. I knew something was wrong for a long time but had tried everything to get some answers. The scan gave me the information on my health I required with so much detail. Coupled with the advice from you and Patricia which I have taken on board I now feel so full of energy and vitality, there’s no going back now. Thank you again. T.

Alma – Manchester, England

I trained as a dental nurse in my early thirties to help overcome my fears of the dentist. I remember as a child having a very painful experience when I was having a tooth extracted. My training as a dental nurse didn’t help much with my memory as I quit the job shortly after I qualified. I attended a bio-energy therapist for a completely different health issue when I had a bad fall and broke my ankle. I noticed that after about 5 sessions my fear of the dentist had almost completely vanished. I thought this was just coincidence but the therapist explained how the bio-energy may have decreased the intensity of the fear so that it was just a memory rather than a crippling emotion. I have now trained as a bio-energy therapist so that I may be able to help others who may have had similar experiences in their lives, and where fear might be controlling them. What an amazing and eye-opening course.

Dennis – Denver, Usa

I trained as an electrician many years ago and ran my own small but relatively successful electrical company up until two years ago. I had a motorbike most of my life and I loved to go away at the weekends, feel the wind on my face and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and work. I had a crash two years ago where I lost consciousness and was hospitalised for over a week. After spending some time in hospital the physical injuries began to heal up relatively quickly. However, I had incredible nightmares following the crash. I attended a local bio energy therapist who was trained in sound therapy. He applied bio energy therapy top help with my physical, emotional and mental trauma, and then sound therapy to help activate healthy cellular activity in the areas of my body I had damaged at the time of the accident. When I was out of work I had a lot of time to think about my life and where I was going. I decided to check out this bio energy therapy and find out more about how it worked. I enrolled for the course and was surprised at how well I could grasp the concept of energy healing and sound healing. I am seriously considering a change in my career direction in the not too distant future. As my mother used to say; “Where one road ends, another one opens up”.

Diarmuid – Arklow, Ireland

Having travelled extensively all my life, I decided to settle down in one place for my retirement. I am now in my late sixties. My interests are mostly music and travel. I found being able to play music was a great social attribute. Over the past few years arthritis has set in, in my joints which are painful and swollen at times. I began to feel despondent of ever having a social life again. Out of the blue I was invited to a gathering where sound therapy was being demonstrated in a workshop. I was amazed at the reaction in my joints and limbs and my whole body to the vibrations and frequencies of the sound healing instruments. I knew immediately that this course was for me. I enrolled in the sound healing course straight away. The course also included divining and dowsing which was also an area I had an interest in. I learned how to dowse to find out what foods if any could be contributing to my arthritic pains. I found very high acidic foods made my joint pains worse. With this knowledge I changed the foods I was eating and started a new healthier regime. I bought my own sound healing Tibettan singing bowl for self healing. I have started a small sound healing group for like-minded people and hope I will use this fantastic training as a profession in the near future.

Douglas – Ayr, Scotland

I had been feeling tired and lethargic for months especially since we moved house. I put it all down to stress. Someone suggested that I could be affected by geopathic stress. I never heard of this before. They said they learned about it as part of a bio energy training course. I tried to get my house tested for geopathic stress, but it seemed very expensive so I decided to do the bio energy course myself. I searched online and found this course. Not alone did I learn about bio energy healing techniques that I could apply and use for my family and myself, but I also learned how to dowse. I learned how to dowse for food sensitivities using pendulums. I also learned how to ask questions using my own body like a pendulum which is called self dowsing. Using this self dowsing I was able to test my own body for foods I might be sensitive to. The great thing was that dowsing could also be used to check for geopathic stress, and so I proceeded to check my house and my land for this geopathic stress I had heard about. I discovered there was a deep well underneath the floor of the room I was sleeping in. To say I was delighted was an understatement. I had believed I was seriously ill and this had been playing on my mind, but when I discovered the well underneath the room where I slept, I knew I had found the reason for some of my ill-health issues. I have now taken steps to deal with and resolve this problem. My energy levels have improved, and I am feeling healthy again. What a relief! Thanks to my friends recommendations about bio energy.

Eleanor – Coventry, England

My greatest wish in life was to be a vet. But my wish never came true because my capabilities and education did not come up to the required standards. I worked a lot in dog rescue homes but I spent most of my time crying because some of the animals that we rescued were so fearful and neglected. All we could do was feed them and show them some love. Some of them were so fearful if you even coughed they would cower down and run away. I wanted to bring them all home with me, which wasn’t very practical to say the least. My parents used to say; ‘Every time Eleanor appears there is a stray dog somewhere nearby”. One day I brought one of these stray dogs called Sammy home with me when he was fit and healthy enough. He was terrified if the door banged shut or if anyone shouted. A friend told me about hearing of animal bio-energy healing online. The course was a reasonable price so I just had to try it. I completed the online training and learned so much about animal energy healing in general. I also learned about the animal’s emotional body and chakras. After studying the dowsing and divination section of the course I learned how to dowse the animals’ chakras to find out which chakra I should work on relating to the dog’s fears. I applied the bio-energy techniques every third day for 2 weeks. Sammy’s whole being changed from day to day. He became friendly, less fearful and more assertive. I have found a premises and I hope to start my own clinic in animal bio-energy therapy shortly. This is like a dream come true. Thank you all so very much for your help and back-up service.

Gayle – Nice, France

I have a busy household, a husband and 4 children aged 14 – 20 years. I also look after my elderly parents who live next-door. I have a full-time job as a receptionist in a large hotel. I started to get headaches in the evenings and lower back pain. I had all of these checked for any medical causes. All the tests were clear, but the pains got worse. I spent most of the night twisting and turning and worrying about how I would get through the next day at work. I dreaded the weekends as there didn’t appear to be any ‘me’ time between taking care of all the other family members. A friend of mine loaned me a book called ‘Be Your Own Therapist”. I randomly picked out some stories as the book suggested doing. I was horrified to find out that I was in every story. I rang my friend and told her that this is an awful book. It looks like someone is out to get at me. My friend said she was in every story also. When I read more I began to see that this was an astonishing uplifting and empowering book. My friend explained that the book is part of an online course on self-healing. I immediately enrolled and completed the course over the following few weeks. I have never looked back. The course had sections on simple self healing energy techniques which I immediately started to apply and after which my whole body seemed to come alive the more I applied these methods. There were bio-energy techniques to help relax my back muscles. One of the most important lessons I learned was how to say the magic word ‘NO’. This was the moment when I realised that I needed to take better care of ‘ME’. There were sections on dowsing which I had never heard about before, in which I learned how to self dowse and found out that certain foods may have been contributing to my headaches. Sure enough when I eliminated certain foods from my diet my headaches practically ceased. The story that I had picked from the book over and over again was a story on ‘ENABLING’. I realised I was a champion enabler, but I am not any more thanks to the brilliant course on self-healing.

Jacinta – Straford, England

I am a full-time reflexologist and also work with psychotherapy. I completed the online bioenergy course over 6 months ago. I have been applying the chakra clearing and balancing as part of my other therapies. The information on dowsing is particularly helpful in deciding which chakra may need to be prioritised fro chakra clearing and balancing. I found the bioenergy therapy really helped to decrease the intensity of some deep seated emotional shock and trauma. The course was informative and easy to follow. I was pleasantly surprised at the large number of videos on the course which were well presented in an easy to understand format. Great training. Thank you.

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  • K. Farrelly
    The best course I have ever been on, and I mean it sincerely. I have done other courses, but this one was so streamlined, professional and well executed. Each facilitator shared their knowledge so eagerly and passionately. Furthermore I enjoyed every minute of it. The time seemed to go so fast. I’ve got my diploma now so I’m setting up my business as soon as I can.

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