Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Online Energy Healing Training Course Cost?
The one-off fee is €375,00.

How long is this energy healing training course?
You can complete the full course in your own time, at your own pace, by watching over 90 professional video lessons, spread over 11 hours

Is all my information private?
Yes, it is completely private and secure.

When I enroll, will the course be available on all my devices?
Yes, the course is available for your own private study on all the devices on which you sign in; computers, laptops, tablets, iPhone etc.

Energy healing is a practical hands-on therapy, how is it possible to learn this online?
You can learn all the techniques and applications by watching and observing over 90 practical video lessons. This is one of the major advantages of this course. Every movement every technique and every application has been filmed professionally in HD using the highest quality sound and vision technology. All therapy techniques are demonstrated by a professional therapist working with a patient / client. Simply watch and practice what you observe.

Energy healing is a practical hands-on therapy, how is it possible to practice what we learn?
We would suggest the same as we would if you were attending a live training workshop as follows; Buy a mannequin or make up a model of a human body. Mannequins or draper’s models are available to purchase. You could if you wish make up your own model to practice on. You can make up a model very simply using a ‘onesie’ or a painter’s light overalls. Stuff this with pillows or other suitable material to make up the torso, head, arms and legs. Watch each training video a number of times, paying close attention to the therapist’s hand positions as shown on each video. Follow the tutor’s instructions for each technique as demonstrated one by one. Emulate what you see in the practical video demonstrations. When you have become familiar with each technique and have practiced each technique, you can then move on to the applications of these techniques for all the various health concerns.

This can allow you to feel more confident about all the various hand positions, techniques and applications prior to attempting these on any person. You will see how some of the techniques and applications are demonstrated on this course using a mannequin or model in particular to demonstrate how to apply energy healing via the distant healing method to a person who may be many miles away.

How and when do I receive my diploma / certification?
As soon as you have completed the course plus a short 10 question test, you will be granted your diploma, which you can download and print. (Your diploma is also automatically sent to your email account.)

Is this online course available to me at all times?
Yes, it will be available 24/7, on any of your devices for 365 days from the date of purchase.

Who can learn Energy Healing Therapy?
Anyone over 18 years can learn the simple hand positions which are used in this Energy Healing Training Course. Professional Therapists or Practitioners can also learn how to use these techniques and integrate them in their own practice along with their other modalities or therapies.

What are Energy Healing Techniques?
These are bio-energy hand positions, hand movements, techniques and application which may be applied on or off the body for various health concerns. These form the basis of this energy healing therapy method.

How do I learn these Energy Healing Techniques?
These positional hand techniques are demonstrated in the easy to follow videos which are part of this online energy healing training course.

Do I have to “believe” in the therapy for it to work?
No, this particular therapy does not rely on a belief system; it works on the basis of the laws of physics whereby energy fields are influenced by other energy fields. It can be just as effective whether you believe or not. Fundamentally it is based on the human energy fields, electromagnetic fields and on the laws of physics.

Does the therapist use his/her own energy during an energy healing session?
No, using this energy healing method the therapist / practitioner allows energy to flow from the palm of one hand to the palm of the other hand. When you use your hands for energy therapy you are creating a flow of energy between your two hands. Directing this flow of energy from one hand to the other through the area of pain, sickness or disease may help the client / patient by activating a healthy flow of energy through the affected area.

What is the accreditation?
Healing Courses Online is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognized as the leading organization in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, therapists, and the public in general. Having completed this course, you can apply for membership of the CMA which offers a number of benefits including supplying professional accreditation. The CAM industry does not have a single regulatory body at present. With this in mind here at Oisin Centre Limited and Healing Courses Online we provide certification and training of the highest standards and expect our students to adhere to all statutory regulations, standards and codes of ethics regarding professional practice as therapists. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we are an experienced and trusted provider of Energy Healing training courses.

How do I learn these Energy Healing Techniques?
These positional hand techniques are demonstrated in the easy to follow practical demonstration videos which are an integral part of this online energy healing training course.

Can Energy healing be used with children?
Yes, energy healing can be applied to children of all ages. Be aware of local regulations that may be applicable in relation to vulnerable adults and young children attending for therapy.

Can Energy Healing be used on one self?
Yes, many of the techniques may be applied for self-healing.

Can Energy Healing be used during a time of pregnancy?
Yes it can, and it may benefit not just the mother, but also the unborn baby. Please read all training instructions provided with this course.

Is it necessary to have any prior experience or knowledge to learn about Energy healing?
No prior experience is necessary to learn about the Oisin Energy Healing modality. Our Online Energy Healing training course includes all the necessary information, videos, illustrations, diagrams, techniques and applications. However a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology is helpful for those wishing to work professionally as an energy healer / therapist.

Do I need to complete the full course before I use Energy Healing Therapy?
You can start using some of the techniques straight away, in particular the techniques for self-healing. However, once you have completed the course, for your own safety and the safety and welfare of your client it is advisable to avail of proper insurance in order to work as a professional therapist. The more you learn the more experienced you become.

What is the best approach to learning this course?
We recommend that you first study all the information provided in the first set of video lectures in the course. Then proceed with learning the techniques followed by all the applications.

How often does a client attend for Energy Healing Therapy?
It very much depends on the severity of the health concern. Up to five sessions are usually recommended with the person attending the first 3 sessions approximately 3 days apart and then sessions can be 7 days apart. Some serious illnesses or disease may require more regular sessions.

Can Energy Healing Therapy be used to prevent illness?
There are specific techniques used that may help to improve and boost the body’s immune system, thereby helping to improve the body’s ability to self-heal and may also help as a preventative against disease and illness.

Is Energy Healing Therapy an alternative to medical treatment?
No, Energy Healing Therapy is not an alternative to medical treatment, but can and has been used to complement or in conjunction with orthodox medicine.

Can Energy Healing Therapy be used as a standalone therapy?
Yes, it can be used as a standalone healing therapy. It can also be used in conjunction with other body centered therapies.

Do I need a therapy table to apply energy healing therapy?
No, a therapy table is not necessary. Energy healing therapy can be applied to a person on a chair, in a wheelchair, in a bed, hospital or other.

What is an Energy healer?
An energy healer is someone who is trained in the use of energy healing therapy methods. An energy healer would use holistic approaches in order to help restore balance to an individual’s energy field at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Essentially, an energy healer attempts to effect a positive change in another person’s energy field allowing natural inner self healing to take place.

What is the difference between an energy healer and an energy healing therapist?
There is little or no difference between an energy healer and an energy healing therapist other than their approach. Everything is made of energy, from the tiniest particle within an atom to the solar system and everything in between including us humans. It is a widely accepted fact that our bodies are comprised of pure energy and this knowledge is now becoming mainstream science. Both the energy healer and the energy healing therapist focus their attention on the overall human energy field and on particular areas of the body that may be damaged, diseased or in pain in an attempt to help bring balance, harmony and a state of homeostasis to the person’s body.

What is the aim of the energy healing therapist?
The aim of the energy healing therapist is not to treat, heal or cure. The aim of the therapist is that by applying certain learned techniques and applications, the therapist attempts to help activate and stimulate the natural inner healing ability of the body to heal itself.

Do animals respond to Energy Healing Therapy?
Yes, most animals respond very well to Energy Therapy and there are numerous documented cases of healings with animals, especially horses, dogs, cats and wild birds.

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