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For Only €97.00- Energy Healing ONLINE DIPLOMA COURSE If you are unavailable to attend our live course you may consider our online course from the comfort of your own home.  Over 50 videos demonstrating all techniques & applications - Was €375.00
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Bio Energy Healing Training Course

BioEnergy Healing Training Course


Train as an energy healer! No previous experience required.


Everyone can learn these simple healing techniques.



Some of the advantages of training with Oisin School of Bio Energy Course.

  • Trainees will be trained by the founders working from The Oisin Healing Centre established since 1990.
  • No less that 4 facilitators on each course, to help trainees gain personal one to one attention.
  • On-going support for trainee therapists will be available throughout and following the training courses
  • Advice will be given on setting up and promoting your own business.
  • Training manuals with instructions, diagrams and all protocols will be provided free.
  • On completion of all three levels of our training course, successful trainees/practitioners can apply to be listed for free on the Oisin School of Bio Energy Healing website
  • Oisin School of Bio Energy Training Course  M.C.M.A. is a Member of  FICTA, and The Complementary Medical Association, and participants who have completed this course are eligible to apply to join The CMA, to register as practitioners.
  • Qualified trainees can apply to Westminster Insurance Limited or or one of the many other insurance companies for practitioners and public liability insurance.
  • Trainees are not required to enter into any contracts with The Oisin School of Bio Energy Training.

Any of the three levels of this Bio Energy healing training course can be repeated once, free of charge during any of our subsequent training courses, providing one months notice is given and places are available.

The Oisin Bio Energy Healing Training Course has been specially designed to give YOU the trainee a comprehensive and complete training.

Oisin BioEnergy Healing therapy can also be used in conjunction with other body centered therapies i.e. massage, reflexology, psychotherapy, counseling etc.
Oisin Bio Energy Healing Therapy is carried out on a fully clothed person. It can be applied anywhere or anytime and can be used with or without the use of a therapy table.

A complete fully illustrated training manual with diagrams, images, protocols, applications and all necessary information will be supplied free with each level. This allows the trainee to focus fully on the practical aspect of the training course and to avail of interactive practice with fellow trainees, rather than spending unnecessary time taking notes.

The Oisin Bio Energy Therapy technique is safe, non invasive and pain free.  

It has been scientifically established based on quantum physics that the body is comprised of energy. Bio Energy Healing Therapy is a science based form of therapeutics that adheres to the physics of the body’s energy field / biofield.

How is Bio Energy Therapy used or applied?
The therapist uses a series of hand positions and special techniques to focus energy and scan the body, which may help clear energy blockages, re-invigorating the flow of life-force energy in a particular area of the body.

Oisin Bio Energy also incorporates specific positional energy flow techniques for the back, limbs and spine. These include peripheral flows and spinal flows which endeavors to relax and release muscular tension especially in the back area, where nerves etc supplying different organs, limbs etc, may be restricted due to compression in specific areas. By releasing muscular tension in the back area, and the releasing of possible trapped nerves it can allow organs being supplied by these nerves to relax, assisting the body's own natural healing ability.

How can Bio Energy Healing Therapy Help?

  • It may help balance the body’s energy field.
  • It may help relax the body on all levels physical, emotional and mental.
  • It may help to decrease stress levels.

Emotional / Mental Bodies and Chakras
Where the client/patient has suffered a severe shock or trauma the physical body is often tended to but the emotional / mental bodies are often forgotten. By using a particular protocol / technique Oisin Bio Energy Healing may be effective to help clear blocked energy in the area of a specific chakra.

The principal of this is by decreasing the intensity of the emotion, releasing the subconscious mind to the conscious mind, where the trauma becomes more of a memory rather than a deep crippling feeling of fear.  The principal of this work is to bring about a state of health and vitality and to clear and energise the body’s chakras, returning the body to a state of balance and homeostasis

These simple techniques have been known for centuries - now you can learn the secrets of  bioenergy healing.

You already have some of the tools – learn more on how to use these natural healing techniques and protocols.

Dates for next course:


Level One:             3rd &  4th     February 2018


Level Two:           10th & 11th     March 2018


Level Three:         21st & 22nd    April 2018


The complete course comprises of three levels. Each level costs €400. Total price for course €1,200 (Why pay more?)

10% discount applies if full course is paid for in advance.

Book a place on this fully accredited course by contacting us on 0879661371 / 0874132474 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This course has Three Levels; - Each level cost is €400. THIS INCLUDES SEVEN MODULES over three weekends.

Download the application form from front page of this website. Free course pack plus application form can be posted to you by request.


  • The complete 3 Part Oisin BioEnergy Diploma Training Course of three levels takes place over 3 weekends. (Sat & Sun) 5 to 6 weeks apart.
  • The levels / weekends are at least 5-6 weeks apart to allow the trainee time to practice what they have learned in preparation for the next level.
  • The final practical exam takes place on level three weekend. The written exam (Module 7) comprises 10 case studies which can be submitted at any time following completion of level three.
  • Times are 9-6 each day.
  • Venue: The Greville Arms Hotel, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland
  • Trainees must be at least 18 years of age, and provide proof of identity to partake in the trainings.
  • Facilitators: Original founders John Donohoe and Patricia Hesnan assisted by two more Oisin BioEnergy qualified facilitators.   
  • For detailed information on each Level of Oisin BioEnergy Training Course, please go to "TRAININGS " on top of front page of website.

Footnote: Once any level is complete you can attend a repeat of that level for free at any time providing spaces are available and 30 days notice is given.

Oisin Bio Energy is not a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments or medications, or other medical or scientific diagnosis by health care professionals. It is important that therapists / practitioners advise their clients to seek consultation with a medical or health care professional prior to any therapy. Also please read our DISCLAIMER.

Recent Testimonial

  • S. Jennings. Dundalk, Ireland
    Hi John and Patricia, and all at The Oisin Centre, a word of thanks for all your help with my health concern. The health scan helped to identify the problem areas in my body, and with your advice and the information I received, plus a change in many areas of my life, I now feel better than I have been for years. Each day is good now – no pains no anxiety. Best regards and thank you.

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