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For Only €97.00- Energy Healing ONLINE DIPLOMA COURSE If you are unavailable to attend our live course you may consider our online course from the comfort of your own home.  Over 50 videos demonstrating all techniques & applications - Was €375.00
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Free Digital Downloads

Collection of free digital downloads.
Please click the available links below.
Collection of free digital downloads

The power of your mind - (Digital Download) - Click Here
Heal Your Body With the Power of Your Mind This simple meditation can bring you to a place of peace and stillness where inner healing can begin.

Peace & Tranquility - (Digital Download) - Click Here
Music to relax your body and quieten your mind. Gentle melodies featuring the hypnotic sound of the mandolin and accompanied by lush orchestral string arrangements.

The Journey - (Digital Download) - Coming Soon
Calm and relaxing orchestral music to inspire and uplift the spirit. It will take you on a journey though many levels of consciousness.It begins with shakuhaci and low pan pipes to ground the body on a physical level in a calming, soothing layer

Healing Stone - (Digital Download) - Coming Soon
The Healing Stone Music CD - This channeled music and visualisation cd has been specially produced to help you heal yourself and others. This channeled music and visualisation cd has been specially produced to help you heal yourself and others.

Bio Sound Chakra Healing - (Digital Download) - Coming Soon
The physical body responds the the emotional stimuli. when confronted by the fearful of painful emotions, the body squeezes down and contracts to protect itself, thus depriving the organs, cells and muscles of their vital life force energy.

Progressive Relaxation - (Digital Download) - Coming Soon
Progressive relaxation. This technique involves the sequential tightening and loosening of the major muscle groups of the body.

Deep Relaxation / Autogenics - (Digital Download) - Coming Soon
This is a relaxation cd which uses the technique of autogenics to wind down and relax the entire body and mind. Autogenics is a technique of relaxation which utilizes visual and sensory imagery.

Distance Healing sessions - (Digital Download) - Coming Soon
Oisin Bio-energy Distant Healingis given in the same way as a one-to-one healing session i.e. Four Consecutive Days. Followed by 10 days without treatment to allow subtle changes to take place. If necessary the process is repeated.

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  • C. Cantwell, Spain
    I have never experienced a course so comprehensive and complete as your bioenergy course. Everything I needed to learn was presented with such enthusiasm and professionalism. All three levels were a joy from start to end.

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